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1. Introduction:

This Mobile Privacy Policy supplements the general Privacy Policy for and addresses specific considerations related to the use of our services on mobile devices.

2. Applicable Terms:

All terms and conditions outlined in the general Privacy Policy are applicable to the use of on mobile devices. Users are bound by both the general Privacy Policy and this Mobile Privacy Policy.

3. Mobile Device Information:

In addition to the information outlined in the general Privacy Policy, we may collect specific mobile device information, including device type, operating system, and unique device identifiers. This information is used to optimize the mobile user experience.

4. Geolocation Data:

With user consent, we may collect geolocation data to provide location-specific credit information. Users can control the sharing of this data through their mobile device settings.

5. Mobile Notifications:

Users may receive mobile notifications related to credit updates, account information, or promotional offers. Opt-out options for these notifications are available within the mobile application settings.

6. Mobile Security:

We implement additional security measures to protect user data on mobile devices, including encryption and secure authentication methods. Users are encouraged to secure their mobile devices with passcodes or biometric authentication.

7. Mobile Cookies:

Similar to the general Privacy Policy, mobile devices may use cookies to enhance user experience. Users can manage cookie preferences through their mobile browser settings.

8. Offline Data Collection:

Some features of the mobile application may allow for offline data collection. Information collected offline will be synced with our servers when the device reconnects to the internet.

9. Mobile Analytics:

We may use mobile analytics tools to gather information about app usage, performance, and user behavior. This data helps us improve the functionality and user experience of our mobile application.

10. Mobile App Permissions:

The mobile application may request certain device permissions to access features such as the camera or storage. These permissions are necessary for specific app functionalities, and users can manage them through their device settings.

11. Mobile App Updates:

Users are encouraged to keep the mobile application updated to ensure they benefit from the latest features, security enhancements, and bug fixes.

12. Contact Information for Mobile Privacy Concerns:

For any questions or concerns specifically related to mobile privacy, users can contact us using the provided contact information within the mobile application or on the website. We are committed to addressing mobile privacy inquiries promptly and transparently.